UNT peel off base coat & nail polish review

Lately I’ve been changing my nail colour so frequently that my nails are starting to feel dry from all the nail polish remover I’m also using. So I wanted to try out a peel off base coat. I thought it would be useful for glitter nail polish and for those manies, that you know you’ll get bored of after a couple of days.
I opted for UNT Ready For Take Off, as I had heard good reviews about it.
I also ordered one of UNT’s nail polishes to try out.

UNT Ready For Take Off peel off base coat

The base coat looks like it has a slight iridescent sheen when you look at it in the bottle. It is clear once applied.

It applies like a regular base coat. The drying time is noticeably longer, though. The first few times I tried it, I waited for it to dry at least a couple of minutes, then proceeded to paint my nails. I thought I had waited enough and it looked and felt dry, but I guess it wasn’t. While painting my nails it felt like the brush picked up some of the base coat and dragged it like little strings and bumps. The polish did not apply perfectly on those nails. Next time I was more patient and waited about 20 minutes before painting my nails and it was fine – no dragging.

Wear time
As for the lasting power. Well, I guess my nails or the chemistry of my body isn’t really compatible with this base coat. I have no idea how people get this to stay on their nails for a week or more…two of my nails started peeling off after a couple of hours. The longest I have gotten this to work is a couple of days. The slightest pressure on the nail seems to cause lifting. I feel that I have to be really cautious about my hands while wearing it.
The removal is so satisfying, though. Comes off in one piece.

Bottom line
This base coat is not going to work if your in a hurry.
It may not stay on your nails as securely as you’d like it to.
Great for nail polish swatchers.

UNT nail polish

I ordered a deep emerald green sparkly polish.
The colour is lovely! The formula doesn’t seem very thin or runny – the colour stays on the brush, but once applied – it is very sheer. It takes 4 or more coats to get an even opaque tone. The drying time is quite long, also. I guess that’s just how UNT polishes are.
The brush on this polish is really great! It’s quite dense and wide, the corners are rounded off so it’s really easy to take the polish up to the cuticle area and make a crisp edge. I love these kind of brushes.

I guess I’m not a fan of UNT polishes. I think that such rich, dark colours should apply opaque in 2 coats, not 4. This makes me wonder how many coats would it take for the lighter tones.

Have you tried UNT polishes? Comment down bellow!





One thought on “UNT peel off base coat & nail polish review”

  1. I had the same problem with the Ready for Takeoff peel off base coat. Within a few hours, one pops off. I haven’t gotten them to stay for more than a day. I don’t bother try for longer since at least one of the nails have popped off and it’s not worth redoing each nail if they come off so quickly.

    I really hoped it would work what with my chronically dry and peeling nails. No such luck for either of us, unfortunately.


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